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helios_corp_about_usHelios is a Science based Nutritional Ingredient Company. Our team translates promising cultural remedies into viable commercial ingredients that are backed by phase I, phase 2, and in several cases, phase 3 human clinical studies. We follow the precept that the stronger the science, and clinical evidence the stronger the label claims that our customers might apply. The consumer is the beneficiary with safer and better performing ingredients to choose from.
Helios was started in 2008 with the intent to evaluate a variety of technologies that might show potential to show benefits towards a variety of end point claims. RE: Bone Health, Joint and Pain, Menopause, Immunity, etc.

The technology choices were extensively evaluated with science and performance that might be backed by human clinical studies. Nutrition ingredients with technology that might bring the potential to compete against Pharma drugs.<

The goal for us is to use 20th century technologies to demonstrate that Nutra type ingredients have the potential to match up with Pharma choices. Or, the opportunity for the consumer to have alternate choices with Nutra ingredients that are safe, but don’t come with a lengthy list of side effects.