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Transport C-PLUS will define a new era of Vitamin C applications

transport_c_ingredientTransport C-PLUS is a “Next Generation Vitamin C” formulation designed to provide a more advanced choice over other older, Hi-absorption Vitamin C’s developed in years past. It is time for a change and Transport-C PLUS is the solution increasing bio availability of Vitamin C up to 300% vs. virgin Vitamin C.
Transport C-PLUS represents the Next Generation of Vitamin C. This branded ingredient has been carefully designed, evaluated, and tested to accommodate the growing demand for a Nutritional Supplement that can increase the absorption of Vitamin C over longer periods of time. Side by side comparisons define the performance benefits of Transport C-PLUS compared to virgin Vitamin C.

  • To increase the absorption and transport of Vitamin C by diminishing the oxidative stress of the Vitamin C when entering into the blood stream.
  • By supporting what the body cannot do on its own – move more Vitamin C through the body over a longer period of time vs. older formulations and technologies that discharge via the kidneys within 45 minutes (depending on body mass and metabolism)


  • Increased antioxidant activity in the blood stream
  • Patented science extends the transport of natural present Metabolites in the formula
  • Re-transportation of Ascorbates’ into the cells.
  • Presence of ALA increases the rate of transport of Ascorbic Acid within the cells and increases the transport and absorption of other antioxidants
  • Provides no acidic discomfort in the stomach
  • Increases Bioavailability up to 300% vs. virgin Vitamin C