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calamari_oilLocated on the coastal waters of Uruguay and Argentina, our fisheries maintain the ability to harvest within one of the most sustainable water sources on the globe. The continental shelf is characterized by the convergence oceanic fronts, and currents with the unique physiochemical and biological features that favour above normal development of marine species with the highest levels of DHA and EPA. A rich plankton environment engenders rapid growth and breeding yields for marine life. The waters retain the unique feature some of the lowest Dioxin, Furan, and Heavy Metals present in any global water mass. Ideal for the SQUID/ CLAMARI populations to grow and mature.

The universe is in competition for a story to tell. The real story is the manufacturing capabilities and the quality of the processing including the sustainability of Marine life that consistently yields important levels of DHA and EPA. Omega Clear is made under the finest conditions possible and our state of the art factory site is the newest processing site in the world.

No other factory can match the protocols and refining capabilities of our facility. Our extraction methods use low temperature processing, thus preserving natural vitamin A, and E and avoiding the thermal degradation, or polymerization, of the actual oils. We guarantee the protection of oil integrity and in a nitrogen atmosphere during various stages of production. The addition of natural Vitamin E acts as a natural antioxidant which diminishes oxidative stress and extends the shelf life.

State of the art technology is only logical if you maintain a highly experienced team of scientists and production experts to nurture the process of invention. Superior taste, handling and diminished odor provide the foundation of excellence. Science then moves the process forward to create the highest levels of DHA and EPA on a consistent basis which accommodates the demand for Calamari/ or Squid oil for the Nutritional, Beverage and Functional Foods category.