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nc518_ingredientNC-518 is an AWARD WINNING (Top Innovation and Techology Award at 2011 National IFT), Novel Calcium that increased bone density in a Phase I and Phase II human clinical study by 2.2% over 4 months. The science is based on a unique, patented technology – the world’s first and only technology, in fact that can pulverize Calcium into two-digit, micronized powder (0.03µm[30nanometers]) without changing the integrity of the original nutrients. Lab and human tests revealed significant bioavailability never seen before in traditional Calcium. This is called Laser Micronization.

NC-518 is very fine, but remains larger than milk particles. The key difference between milk, the touted source of calcium, and our NC-518, has to do with bioavailability. Milk, though very fine in particle size, has an absorption rate of only about 40%; traditional calcium’s absorption rate is only 2~10%. Further, bioavailability is not necessarily proportional to increase absorption rate.


That NC-518 is physically finer than traditional calcium carbonate contributes to its high bioavailability, but the main reason behind this quality lies at the core of our technology. To date, there are essentially two types of nano or micronization technologies:

  • The existing ZET Mill/Ball Mill (bottom-up method) pulverizing technology utilizing water and extreme heat during the drying process
  • Our NC-518 4D top-down laser micronization technology is superior as the finished product maximizes Trace Mineral and Zinc Complex.



  • The existing Zet Mill/Ball Mill (bottom-up) Method employs a process that relies on the addition of water and extreme heat to the ingredients. Yet this use of water create a complication; it poses the risk of oxidizing, and thus sacrificing, the core nutrients, which necessitates a subsequent and inefficient process of re-drying.
  • Our patented manufacturing technology does not use water, and the whole process is executed in a dry environment with NO HEAT. In the micronization process, temperature, moisture, and pressure levels are completely controlled and monitored. Referred to as the ‘Ultra Precision Grinding Energy Management System or Laser Micronization,’ our technology imposes no heat and involves no metallic friction, cutting, or chafing. Zinc is the key mineral retained in the process along with full availability of the Trace Mineral Complex. This aids in the extended bioavailability of the Calcium Carbonate.